Oil and Gas

Filtration and Cleanup

“Hydrocarbons and VOCs are captured and sequestered in the biochar.”

Biochar from Biochar Now is being used by the oil and natural gas industries as an economical method of complying with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) air and water quality regulations.


To comply during drilling operations, Biochar Now biochar is applied to the soil in oil and gas production areas to decontaminate the soil.  In so doing, hydrocarbons and VOCs are captured and sequestered in our biochar and broke down to nontoxic levels by embedded microbes.


This process has been approved for many projects across the U.S. including in Texas by the Texas Railroad Commission.


Biochar Now biochar filtration process is used to purify producer water from wells. Our biochar removes pollutants allowing for the discharge of clean water.